Larva of Dipolydora flava (Claparède, 1870)

Annelida: Polychaeta: Spionida: Spionidae

Dipolydora flava

10x Plan Fluor. DIC. Sampled in Bay of Santander. April, 19th 2017.

Chaetiger stage (19 segments).


SHEET091 (arrastrado) 1

Hannerz (1961)



Hannerz, L. (1961). Polychaeta: Larvae. Families: Spionidae, Diosomidae, Poecilochaetidae. Conseil International pour l’Exploration de la Mer, Fiches d’Identification du Zooplankton, sheet 91. (see Plate IV, Fig. 1).
Larink, O. & Westheide, W. (2011). Coastal plankton. Verlag Dr.Friedrich Pfeil. München. (see Plate 44).
Plate, S. & Husemann, E. (1994). Identification guide to the planktonic polychaete larvae around the island of Helgoland (German Bight). Helgoländer Meeresunters, 48, 1-58. (see Fig. 30).

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