Condylostoma arenarium Spiegel, 1926. Specimen 2

Ciliophora: Heterotrichea: Heterotrichida: Condylostomatidae

  • This species is a benthic ciliate abundant in coastal environment that can ascend by the water column.

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40x Plan Fluor-Ph2 / 60x Plan Fluor. Phase Contrast / DIC. Sampled in La Maruca (Santander). September, 2nd 2017.



Fernandes et al. 2014jpg

Fernandes et al. (2014)


Fernandes, N.M., Dias, R.J.P., Schrago, C.G. & Silva-Neto, I. (2014). Redescription and Phylogenetic Position of Condylostoma arenarium Spiegel, 1926 (Ciliophora, Heterotrichea) from Guanabara Bay, Brazil. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 2015, 0, 1–11. (see Fig. 7).
Kahl, A. (1932). Urtiere oder Protozoa I: Wimpertiere oder Ciliata (Infusoria) 3, Spirotricha. Tierwelt Dtl., 25:399–650. (see Fig. 75-3).

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