Paleonemertean larva. Morphotype IV

Nemertea: Paleonemertea

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20x Plan Apo. DIC / Phase Contrast. Sampled in Bay of Santander. August, 6th 2017.


It may be Cephalotrix sp.

Diagnostic features
Vermiform and uniformly ciliated. With eyes and conspicuous cerebral ganglia. With lateral cirri and posterior tuft.


Larink, O. & Westheide, W. (2011). Coastal plankton. Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil. München. (see Plate 33).
Norenburg, J.L. & Stricker, S.A. (2002). Phylum Nemertea. Chapter 7, Atlas of Marine Invertebrate larvae. Young, C.M., Sewell, M.A., & Rice, M.E. (eds). Academic Press. San Diego, CA.

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