Coronate larva of Scrupocellaria. Specimen 2

Bryozoa: Gymnolaemata: Cheilostomatida: Candidae

Scrupocellaria Van Beneden, 1845

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20x Plan Apo /  60Plan Fluor. DIC. Sampled in Bay of Santander. July, 7th 2017.


Calvet (1900)

Calvet, L. (1900). Contribution à l’histoire naturelle des Bryozoaires Ectoproctes marins. Montpellier, Coulet et fils. (see Pl. XI).
Castellani, C. & Edwards, M. (2017). Marine plankton. A practical guide to ecology, methodology and taxonomy. Oxford University Press. (see Fig. 382-A).
Rafferty, K. (2001). Bryozoa. In: An identification guide to the larval marine invertebrates of the Pacific northwest. Shanks, A.L. Ed. Oregon State University Press.

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