From Bay of Santander (Spain)

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This web is a work in progress, it grows with every sampling.
On 8 October:

  • 53 samplings (from 12-2016 to 10-2017) in the Bay of Santander (Spain).
  • 1.316 images of 249 morphotypes of 20 phyla.

Please feel free to contact me if you have comments or questions.

This is coastal zooplankton
Unlike the open sea zooplankton with numerous pelagic species (holoplankton), the coastal zooplankton is rich in meroplankton (pelagic states of benthic species) as well as in benthic species that can transiently be in the water column.

You can click the images to see all the post of this group.

Radiozoa Foraminifera Ciliophora Myzozoa
Porifera Cnidaria Ctnophora Xenacoelomorpha Platyhelminthes Annelida Mollusca Rotifera Nemertea Chaetognatha Bryozoa Phoronida Crustacea Echinodermata Hemichordata Chordata

© Rafael Martín-Ledo

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