Juvenile of Tomopteris helgolandica Greef, 1879. Specimen 2

Annelida: Polychaeta: Phyllodocida: Tomopteridae

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10x Plan Fluor / 20x Plan Apo / 40x Plan Fluor. DIC. Sampled in Bay of Santander. May, 1st 2017.




Captura de pantalla 2017-08-10 a las 17.30.38

Plate & Husemann (1994)



Apstein, Carl. (1900). Die Alciopiden und Tomopteriden der Plankton-Expedition. Ergebnisse der Plankton- Expedition der Humboldt- Stiftung. 2(H.b): 1-62 [Lipsius & Tischer. Kiel & Leipzig]. (see Fig. 5, 6 and Taf. X).
Castellani, C. & Edwards, M. (2017). Marine plankton. A practical guide to ecology, methodology and taxonomy. Oxford University Press. (see Figure 349).
Larink, O. & Westheide, W. (2011). Coastal plankton. Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil. München. (see Plate 39).
Pettibone, M.H. (1963). Marine polychaete worms of the New England region. I. Aphroditidae through Trochochaetidae. Bulletin of the United States National Museum. 227(1): 1-356. (see Figure 25).
Plate, S. & Husemann, E. (1994). Identification guide to the planktonic polychaete larvae around the island of Helgoland (German Bight). Helgoländer Meeresunters, 48, 1-58. (see Fig. 6).

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