Scomber larva. Specimen 2

Chordata: Actinopterygii: Perciformes: Scombridae

10x stack rt recot

10x Plan Fluor. DIC. Sampled in Bay of Santander. March, 4th 2017.

Diagnostic features
Characteristic pigmentation by melanophores. One yellow oil globule with melanophores.



nordischesplankt01bran_0047 (1)

Ehrenbaum (1905-1909)


Ehrenbaum (1905-1909). Eier und Larven von Fischen, andere Eier und Cysten. In: Brandt, K. & Apstein, C (1901-1928). Nordisches Plankton. Verlag von Lipsius & Tischer, Kiel. (see Fig. 15).
Larink, O. & Westheide, W. (2011). Coastal plankton. Verlag Dr.Friedrich Pfeil. München. (see Plate 80).
Ré, P. & Meneses, I. (2008). Early stages of marine fishes occurring in the Iberian Peninsula. IPIMAR/IMAR: 282 pp. (see Plate 65).

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