Corynidae sp.

Corynidae Johnston, 1836

Cnidaria: Hydrozoa: Anthoathecata: Corynidae

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4x Plan Fluor / 20x Plan Apo / 40x Plan Fluor / 100x Plan Fluor. Polarization / DIC. Sampled in Bay of Santander. February, 18th 2017.

It may be a juvenile of Stauridiosarsia ophiogaster (Haeckel, 1879).




Russell (1953)


Bouillon, J., Medel, M.D., Pagès, F., Gili, J.M., Boero, F & Gravili, C. (2004). Fauna of the Mediterranean Hydrozoa. Sci. Mar. 68 (suppl. 2). (see Fig. 52).
Russell, F.S. (1953). The medusae of the British Isles. Volume 1. Hydromedusae. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. (see Text-fig. 30 and Plate II, Fig. 4).


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